About us

About us

Gulzada Travel & Tours has been providing innovative travel management solutions to its clientele since a decade. As Mr. Gulzada, Managing Director puts in "Our mission is to set the standard in the industry for professionalism and reliability to the customer. We want to make the overall experience of our customers both enjoyable and hassle-free". Gulzada Travel & Tours has friendly professional & well-trained staff of 20 people who are upto date on the fast changing travel industry scenario. With fully computerized operations Gulzada Travel & Tours aims to be the best of its kind.

Gulzada Travel & Tours which was approved by IATA in 2010 is a leading travel company in Peshawar, Pakistan which is located in the heart of the city. Gulzada Travels  tours ranks number one in the region, in almost all international and domestic airline sales. This agency deals in all type of International, Domestic, Business. It has all the expertise in Rent a Car, Hotel Reservation.

Gulzada Travel & Tours is also the registered user of Amadeus central, which is a world wide reservation system linked to all major international airlines, hotel chains & car hiring companies.

With Tourism still to catch on in Pakistan, the pioneers behind Gulzada Travel & Tours could envision a border-less world where traveling abroad would become both easy and affordable. And Gulzada Travel & Tours became the leading travel agency in Peshawar to offer its customers exclusive package tours.

Today, with its rich experience and expertise in this sector, Gulzada Travel & Tours is the largest Travel and Tourism organisation in Peshawar, Pakistan. With a team of dedicated professionals and a host of thoughtfully-designed services that translate into comfortable, hassle-free travel for our customers. Travel and tourism is the world's largest industry and the major contributor to global economic development.

A contented Customer is the priority of Gulzada Travel & Tours. Who also deliver tickets at your doorstep.

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